The 2012 List

1. Complete a 4000 piece puzzle

2.Go Sailing with My Aunt Dena in her Boat

3. Have my mom finally teach me how to sew- and make something

4. Read the entire New Testament

5.Find and visit that Glass Beach North of Pt. Reyes

6. Learn how to make tortillas from scratch

7. Travel to Belize

8. run another Marathon

9. Start a new garden at our home

10. Eat at the French Laundry

11. Apply for a Doctorate Program

12. Visit Solvang, CA

13. Attend a Pro Football Game

14. Make Deep Fried Buttermilk Chicken

15. Attend a Pro Baseball Game

16. Volunteer at Coastside Hope

17. Visit TrainTown in Sonoma with Tori & Kodi

18. Donate my Hair to Locks of Love

19. Build a legit Snowman

20. Visit the SF Zoo

21. Hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail

22. Get hooked on Yoga

23. Have lunch with my friend Jessica

24. Find and visit my Grandparent’s grave

25. Attend a Show at the Mondavi Center for Arts

26. Visit a Calistoga Hot Springs

27. Go Whale Watching

28. Attend the Gilroy Garlic Festival with Teresa

29. Get another tattoo (I already know what I want)

30. Kayak Santa Cruz Island

31. Learn how to use our Espresso Machine

32. Be a Spectator at the Mavericks

33. Give a Speech, to an audience

34. Visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

35. Get Published. Somehow and anywhere.

36. Attend a Presidential Campaign Debate/Speech/Rally

37. Have a Tea Party Lunch with Jen & Olivia at Linde Lane Tea Room

38. Make a music video with my closest girlfriends

39. Watch Punch Drunk Love all the way thru

40. Finish reading my Saturday Night Live Book

41. Carve my name into a tree

42. Get and use a wood sander on some projects

43. Successfully bake a real loaf of bread

44. Enter my Rubber Ducky in the Duck-A-Thon of Huntington Beach

45. Sit in a raft on Lake Solano with Lisa

46. Pose for a picture with the world’s largest Totem Pole in McKinleyville

47. Visit the Old Mission in Santa Barbara

48. Try Vietnamese Food

49. Play Bingo at a Senior Center

50. Attend the Tulip Festival in Washington

51. Buy a Piece of Art from Leslie Callan

52. Go to a Comedy Show

53. Ride in a Police Car

54. Go House Hunting for Fun with my favorite Real Estate agent Bill Allard

55. Read The Omnivore’s Dilemma

56. Have Lunch with Talitha

57. Send an old friend some flowers

58. Take a walking Tour of the California Caverns

59. Pose for a picture with the Giant Artichoke in Castroville

60. Stroll thru John Muir Woods with my family

61.Obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit

62. Take the GRE

63. Have a Drink at Bourbon & Branch

64. Get my ears pierced again

65. Enter in a Chili/ BBQ ribs/Food Cook Off of some sort

66. Check out a book from the library

67. Be in a Parade

68. Paint a mural on my daughter’s wall

69. Check out the Rainbow Grocery Food Co-op in SF

70. Take a cooking class, anywhere for anything

71. Attend the Half Moon Bay Farmer’s Market

72. Visit my friend Tori (Nelson) at her Preschool

73. Watch Samantha Poeppelman in one of her games

74. Make an elaborate and detailed gingerbread house

75. Organize a Mac’n’Cheese Bake off amongst friends

76. Visit Nicola and her new baby

77. Attend a fashion show

78. Have Erin paint my nails 10 different colors

79. Visit the Sugar Mill Wineries

80. Attend Cirque De Soleil’s Totem show

81. Find a penpal, keep a penpal.  Preferably somewhere outside California or the U.S. all together

82. Build an elaborate Blanket Fort with Natalie

83. Purchase Chess, and challenge my husband

84. Donate Blood

85. Protest Something I believe in

86. Bake brownies from scratch

87. Do something with this ridiculous collection of wine corks we have

88. Have a mass playdate with old center parents & kiddos

89. Attend an open mic night / poetry reading. To listen.

90. Be a spectator at the Amgen tour of California

91. Create some cool pieces of art with Natalie using Melted Crayons

92. Build a Legit Sand Castle / Sculpture

93. Hike the Candelabra Trail at Butano State Park

94. Attend a religious service for something other than the Protestant Churches I am use to

95. Find a picture I love, and recreate it. – Thank you Tori Nelson for that suggestion!

96. Welcome home a soldier from the Middle East

97. Camp at the Beach!

98. Watch those guy movies- Godfather, Goodfellas & Scarface.

99. Fall asleep holding Blake’s hand

100. Have a Baby!

I’ve left one blank, because I am asking for suggestions. I’d like to see what anyone comes up with!


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