The 2014 List

I took 2013 off, but realized I really really missed having a list to motivate me to get stuff done.  So, here it is again, my all NEW* list for 2014:

*Some things return from 2012’s list, because I never got around to doing them that year.

1. Drive the Fire Road all the way thru the Santa Cruz Mountains

2. Visit Bodie & Mono Lake

3. Complete the Corn Maze in Dixon

4. Ride the XXXX in XXXXXXX

5. Visit Heather in Minnesota

6. Have Lunch with Talitha

7. Watch “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio

8. Visit a Psychic

9. Make a Northeast Cali Road Trip

10. WALK Across the Golden Gate Bridge

11. Attend a Pro Football Game

12. Hike Part of the Pacific Crest Trail

13. Go Whale Watching

14. XXXX something to every XXXXXXX

15. Play Bingo at a Senior Center

16. Obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit

17. Attend a Fashion Show

18. Protest for something I believe in

19. Hike Machu Picchu, Peru

20. Plant a tree

21. Ride a SF Cable Car

22. Indulge in a Cedar Bath Treatment at Osmosis

23. Dine at Chez Panisse in Berkeley

24.  Visit Yosemite and hike some trails

25.  Gamble at a Casino

26. Read the all the books in my “Books to read” pile

27. Plant 100 Tulips in my yard

28.  Have lunch with someone I once was friends with (but not so much anymore)

29. Get hooked on Yoga

30.  Take a class on knitting or crocheting

31. Work a job in a completely different field of interest

32.  Successfully use this Dutch Oven I have to make something

33. Get rid of 100 things from my house. Twice.

34. Go without TV for a month.

35. Go without Internet for a week.

36. Take a Budweiser tour

37. Finish Natalie’s scrapbook

38. Make Holly’s handprint in Clay

39. Run a 1k with Natalie

40. Visit the Oakland Zoo

41. Add to the girl’s Mermaid Mural

42. Feed some ducks at a pond

43. Walk the Labyrinth at Land’s End

44. Go Camping in our Yard

45. Take a train to a destination location!

46. Picnic at a Park with my girls

47. Run the Big Sur Marathon again.

48. Take another cooking class

49. Visit the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz

50. Attempt a “Picture a Day” of both my girls

51. Explore Alcatraz!

52. Watch Bad Arnold Movies … Twins, Kindergarten Cop, & Junior

53. Start Girls on the Run at Natalie’s School

54. Thank my teachers… all of them

55. Make a Scavenger Hunt with and for Friends

56. Shop The Barlow

57.Return to Alliance Redwoods with Jess & Gina

58. Find “The Treehouse” near where I live

59. Start & Finish a sewing project I have in mind

60.  Perm my hair!

61. Have Coffee with my friend Beth

62. Make & finish Holly’s First Year Album

63.  Watch a Movie at the Drive-In in Sacramento

64. Participate in a friendly Pumpkin Carving Competition!

65.  Have a glass of wine & listen to Live Music at the Ritz

66. Do a fun project in Natalie’s Kindergarten class

67. Climb to the top of a Mountain.

68. Take Natalie & Holly to the Melting Pot

69. Try Brow Threading

70.  Make a completely new friend

71.  Visit Daffodil Hill

72.  Conduct a Science experiment with Natalie

73.  Play in the Mud

74. Make something out of Clay

75. Attend a Benefit Dinner

76.  Go to a Book Reading/ Author Signing

77.  Finish decorating the other wall in our Master Bedroom

78.  Make both girl’s Halloween Costumes this year

79.  Mix some bubble mix, create some giant bubbles

80.  Play with Fire

81. Send out a good ol’ fashioned Christmas letter with our Christmas Card

82. Watch the sun rise

83. Rescue a pet from the Shelter

84. Attend the Charles Dickens Christmas Faire in SF

85. Visit a Russian River Winery

86. Visit the new SF Exploratorium with Jen & Olivia

87.  Get another tattoo (I already know what I want)

88.  Attend a live Children’s Show with the girls

89.  Get a new family photo taken by my friend Leslie Callan

90.  See one of the Minnick’s perform live

91. Cruise Lake Tahoe in a boat

92.  TP someone’s House

93. Challenge someone to a game of Monopoloy

94. Perfect my own recipe for Lemonade

95. Attend a WWE Match!

96. Visit one of those Food Truck Lots in SF

97.  Find the Waterfalls near my home ….. once it rains a few more times

98. Enjoy a DavePop

99. Explore Martin’s Beach

100. Have a family Fun Day, Tour de Coastside Style: Alice’s Restaurant, Pescadero Marsh, La Nebbia Wine Tasting, Moss Beach Distillery


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