#35- Signing Off

Today is Saturday, January 13th, 2018. I just did 7 full days without internet which has been #35 on my list since 2014.

There wasn’t really any rhyme or reason for why I went offline on January 6th at around 7 pm. It was impulsive, and at first a bit thrilling.  To be honest, I hadn’t sat down at a computer in weeks and more recently I found myself going a lot of places without my cell phone in tow.

I started to wonder where I was, internet-wise, in 2014 when I first made my list.  I concluded that I think I was online quite a bit in some ways… but mostly to Socialize. I used to live in the middle of nowhere, next to no one and with nothing in between. If I went outside my house (which I did a LOT of) I had zero internet. It was a half hour drive to the nearest wi-fi/cell/ping tower so looking back I had a bi-polar relationship with the online world. I’d go out and hike, beachwalk, explore, garden, visit neighbors and volunteer in the community for hours and hours and then when I got home I’d go online for hours and hours. Shopping, recipes, chatting with friends and family, blogging, you tubing and wikipedia.

Wikipedia is probably my biggest internet addiction. I don’t do Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, cafe mom, or anything like that. But I’m absolutely addicted to information.

The biggest challenge in the last 7 days was not anything more that refraining from Wikipedia-ing every question that popped in to mind.

I deleted all of my apps off my phone (and the ones I left on I just opted to not open as I didn’t want to hassle with redownloading anything and trying to remember passwords). but I did allow myself email, text, and my Sonos -surround sound music & speakers for our home.

I took notes on everything I wanted to look up and binge on. If I needed a phone number I found a hack through the Maps app that listed address & phone if I typed in the business.  At times I felt myself picking up my phone, almost like a smoker needing a cigarette in her hand, but during those times I resorted to looking through photos I had taken and editing/deleting them.  I did slip up and clicked on a link at one point that came to me via email, not realizing it was taking me online.

I’m attaching photos of…. what my home screen looked like, my internet history, and some snapshots of how we spent the week. Juicing, Breweries, Zoo life, painting.


But otherwise, this was incredibly easy. So much so that I think I’ll sign off again for a bit. Peace out!


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