#36 Bud.Weis.Er

Growing up in Fairfield, and also Dixon, it sometimes felt like half my friends had parents working for Anheuser Busch. Either there or the Military Base. I was always told the tours were a really cool experience but once I left the area I never found myself returning long enough to sign myself up.

A few years in to our marriage Blake & I started brewing our own beer. A laughable, small-scale (yet enjoyable) production but all the same, every time we brewed a batch and bottled it, I thought of the Budweiser factory and wondered what their insides looked like in comparison to our kitchen & garage.

I really thought 2014 would be the year, hence putting it on my list (#36- take a Budweiser Tour) but it was also the year I found out I was pregnant with Levi and I spent most of that year throwing up…. not to mention drinking -and appreciating- alcohol was far from my radar as a pregnant woman.

Enter 2016. Breweries had picked up interest in our economy around Sacramento, and in return, Blake & I had picked up our interest in Brewing again. We did several tours, several tastings, and while neither of us are huge Budweiser fans… the fact that it was an outstanding task on my bucket list nagged at me.

Anyway, we finally got around to it July of 2017 and it was in fact, a great experience. The tour guide was just that- a full time Anheuser Busch historian with a degree in Brewing (so I would think) and we learned so much about beer & beer production. We sampled beers that were brewed yet not legally sold in the U.S. (but shipped to other countries). We got our souvenirs. We made it a full day- date, and we would highly recommend it to anyone else.



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