#88- Seven Minutes of Silence

I listen a lot to Kids Place Live on SiriusXM.  If you haven’t figured out by now, I am neurotic when it comes to the crap my kids are exposed to so when in the car, we typically stick to Kids Place Live as it’s clean, appropriate and actually pretty hilarious to listen to. One of the more hysterical shows on KPL is Story Pirates story telling. I seriously think I love listening more than my kids do, because there is a lot of very subtle adult humor that children might not quickly pick up on.

Anyway, one thing I hear a lot on KPL is live tapings of musicians and performances and storytelling and it reminded me of when I was young and my mom would take us to Solano Community College for child-friendly entertainment. I loved going to the shows! Between listening to KPL and reminiscing about my own youth, I realized I needed to recreate similar happy moments for my kids. So, #88- Attend a live children’s show…

Story Pirates, Mondavi Center. YES! It worked out that my friend Erin came and brought her little guy and her mom. I swear I was literally on the floor laughing at times.  I was completely amazed by the Performers ability to do improv from the minds of very young kids- so much of what came out of the audiences’ mouth made no sense, but the Story Pirates went with what ever was shouted out and turned it into a theatrical MASTERPIECE. They used very little props, but it clearly looks like they raided a few thrift shops for the ensembles they did throw together. Besides that and their homemade sign advertisement, there isn’t much more to them.  The crowd was small (“intimate” as the professionals call it) but that meant more participation.

I’m hooked. Every time they are in town, I am dragging my kids to the show, and Erin agrees!  Who’s coming with us??



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