#63- A Night at the Drive-In

This event is pretty self explanatory.  I’ve never in my 30 years been to a Drive In. There wasn’t one around when I was growing up ( I don’t think) and in college, I never had a friend suggest it.  I don’t think I even knew a Drive In existed in Sacramento until much later on in my college life, when I happen to be driving up HWY 50 at night and from the freeway you can see all the screens. Having driven past it often enough it finally made my list- #63.

The deal is ridiculously reasonable- We went on Tuesday Family Fun Night, which is $5 for adults, $1 for kids and free for anyone under the age of 5. So, For Myself, Natalie & Holly I paid $6 to see Pixar’s Inside Out. You just can’t beat that.

I was thrilled to send out a last minute text to friends and be able to round up some accomplices. Beth & Jen had never been to the Drive In either, and were great sports with supplying tons of snacks and foldout chairs. It looked and felt a little bit like we were at a big Campout, or Tailgating party with how many families were also out with their glow lights, crying kids and typical family-friendly nonsense. The surround sound was courtesy of the radios in our cars and from there…we had a great night!

The Drive In itself was pretty decent.  Although the lot was clearly dated, the bathrooms were clean, the inside snack bar was orderly and the playground is a nice touch. Also, they have jumper cables & staff person on hand to jumpstart your car if the battery dies during the movie. I’d definitely do this again.