#85- The Russian River Valley

“I drink a lot of wine.”

After many years reading labels, and looking at wine menus and paying general attention to wine regions of the world, I noticed there are a few wines I like that are grown in the Russian River Valley.  Now, not really putting it all together and looking at a map I just had always thought to myself, “Well, I camped a lot along the Russian River and I spent many summers kayaking it, too. I should go back and wine taste there.”

And that was pretty much it. I put it in my list but still didn’t bother to look up the region until I made a day trip with the Russian River Valley as my destination, and looked at it that morning before leaving.  Turns out, I HAVE gone tasting there. Silly me,  I should know that rivers go for hundreds of miles.  With some of those miles flowing through parts of Napa/Sonoma and stops along the Wine Trail festival that I’ve taken part in a few times.


But, not all was lost. Jess & I stopped at wineries we hadn’t tried before and purchased a few that we liked. And I managed to take one picture only…. poop.

So, #85 is done and complete. Sonoma Coast might just be the most beautiful of all of California regions.