#9- State of Jefferson

California is really, really big. And it seems unlikely to me that someone living in the most Northern parts of the state would somehow feel they identify (and have the same needs as a citizen) to someone living the most Southern part of the state. ¬†You clearly go from one extreme to the other, so the State of Jefferson doesn’t seem that far fetched of a concept to me.

But politics aside, I feel that seeing all of California is a traveling adventure in itself. One day I hope to say that I’ve seen every region of the state, just as I hope to one day see every part of the U.S. Which is why #9 (make a Northeast Cali road trip) made my list.

It’s a wasteland. Forgive me if you live there. I’m sure there are some creature comforts that you get used to if you stay awhile. But we drove straight through and up to Oregon. Honestly, it seems like there’s a lot of drugs being shared with all of the questionable trailers parked in the middle of nowhere (and going nowhere).

Here’s my picture documenting it:

Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta to the East

Our road trip took us in to Bend, Oregon (an oasis that seems to pop up in the middle of more wasteland) and then further up North to Portlandia. We then swung back down along the Coast to visit my grandparents in Coos Bay before cutting back over to Ashland. I pretty much loved everything from Portlandia to Ashland. Ashland, I will be back….