#70- Room for More

A Circle is round

It has no end

That’s how long I want to be your Friend

Yesterday, someone had suggested to me about joining another women’s group. At church the other Sunday, the topic was the importance of having a social circle (the topic went much deeper than just that but I won’t go in to it here). My response to both situations was that I was just. exhausted. And not exhausted where I want to stay in PJ’s all day and swear off bathing. But just exhausted of being pulled or pushed or nagged to do more, be more and have more. I have been, for quite some years now, completely satisfied with my life and where I’ve brought it to.

With that said, I did put on my Bucket list for 2014 to make a new friend (#70). At the start of the year, I felt like I had room for a new friend. Or, 20+ new friends.

Girls on the run

And now I’m done for awhile. Here they are, my new friends. I love them all so so sooo much.  One of my other bucket list items was to start a Girls on the Run program at Pescadero Elementary.  What I didn’t know in that moment was that there were three other women in Pescadero who were as passionate as I was about bringing something like this to the school.  I had put out a general bulletin asking for a co-coach, and I got 3!  We got to know each other pretty well, having practices twice a week for two different seasons.  And to add icing to the cake, we also had to go out and find run buddies for each of the girls for their big Race Day.  Which meant, this year alone I met about a dozen more fabulous Pescadero residents that I didn’t know existed.

In the picture above are just a few of the girls we coached, their run buddies, me and all 3 of my co-coaches: Sky, Deborah & Kathy. In September, shortly after I had Levi, Deborah had called me to check in and see if she could bring me a meal. When I saw her name on my home hone caller ID, my heart smiled. When we ended our conversation that day, I knew I had found a life long friend and I realized then I would be writing about these ladies and this group for this bucket list item. There is something so sincere about these people that you don’t find very often.

My heart is full.

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