#39- Fun Day Run Day

Natalie has often begged to join me on some of my runs, to which I have often discouraged her for several reasons.  Mainly, running “is my ME time.” Also, I like to go for an hour +, something I know she’s not up for yet.  When I do go for a run with her, it’s typically for just about 10-20 minutes tops.  But since coaching GOTR at her school, Natalie has been much more persistent- so I decided to dedicate a few mornings of ours to coaching just her.

I originally put on the Bucket list to run a 1k with her (#39) but Seeing as she also wanted to run the 5k GOTR Race in SF with our team, I figured this would be even better! I blog some of the experience [ here ], but here’s one more photo from the middle of our race together:


I am so proud of this girl’s ambition, every. single. day.  Natalie has far more energy and drive then I ever remember having as a kid.  She will be amazing at whatever she does!

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