#43- Labyrinth

I am so far behind on documenting my adventures so far this year! I swear I’ve done far more than I’ve written up as of yet.

But today was such a great day I really wanted to write this down before I forgot-  We drove up in to SF to visit Land’s End and check out the Labyrinth built there some years ago.  I first got curious about Labyrinths when I read about one made out of Books (also erected in SF) in celebration of World Poetry Week.  I thought it would be a yearly thing, and since I had read about it after the week event had passed I was eager to scope it out the following year.  But much to my dismay it apparently was a one time deal. In my search, however, I came across the Labyrinth at Land’s End, SF.

The pictures online of this place are breathtaking.  The spot itself is breathtaking; I would agree with the photos. It’s incredibly peaceful if you time it right- as in, when it’s likely that no one else will be there.  I think we lucked out, because when we hiked down to it there were only a few others there (I was worried by the amount of tourists on the main trail that it would be overwhelmingly overrun) with only one couple clearly taking advantage of the Labyrinth’s intended purpose: a silent meditation as you carefully walk the maze of rocks.

After they completed it, I had a go with Levi on my front and the two girls trailing.  Since it’s an unregulated, public space of movable rocks the Labyrinth is subject to change, and with the exception of two small rockblocks we were able to complete the whole thing almost entirely uninterrupted. The only obnoxious intruders being two teenage tourists who thought it was a hopscotch and one woman walking her purse puppy who found it appropriate to piss on the rocks (the dog, not the woman… but I suppose the manners are the same between the two at that point).

Labyrinth, Land's End, San Francisco


I sort of wish there could have been a sign explaining the purpose of a Labyrinth, but since it’s not a ordained monument (for obvious reasons I suppose) that would be highly unlikely. But as we were taking in the views and heading out, there were clearly others who were careless around the Labyrinth and I can see how in its history at Land’s End it has been destructed in the past.  I suppose the good news is that some spent time to put it back together again.


#49- A Mystery

Everywhere I go, I typically come across one Mystery Spot bumper sticker at some point in my travels. Growing up, I’d occasionally see a write up, or TV clip regarding it as well, so it’s a place that- when Santa Cruz is mentioned in Conversation- often pops into my head as associated with the tourist destination town.

Moving closer only increased the frequency of this reminder of a place I had never been to, which is how it came to be #49 on my list.

Surprisingly, one of my only other friends in the area, Sherida, had never been either and had always wanted to go.  Surprisingly, because Sherida is the other thing I think of when I think Santa Cruz because she lives and breathes the region like a third love (one being her family, two being her dog). We made a date to take the kids one quiet Monday after school.

For $6 per person, I’d say it’s a very fun and entertaining tourist attraction.  The validity to it?  I’m no science junkie to know but my personal feeling is that it’s just a great optical illusion which, at the very least challenges kids to think about…stuff…. We felt dizzy, we laughed, we experimented.  Our tour guide was hopelessly cheesy with his slapstick G-rated humor but he also talked really fast, to the point where I felt that maybe that was part of the gig: talk fast so visitors don’t have enough time to digest what is said and question the authenticity of what is being presented.  Or it was just him.

At any rate, at the end of the 45 minute tour we got a free bumper sticker.  Which would explain why I see them EVERYWHERE and probably is a great advertising strategy.  It certainly pulled me in and  got $12 out of me. Natalie stuck hers on the trash can at our post office, but I am still considering where I want to put mine.  It sounds silly, but it almost feels like a rite of passage… no, a civic duty…. a responsibility to the greater good to put mine somewhere good and continue the message of The Mystery Spot. Ridiculous, I know.