#98- The little things

One thing I really have come to appreciate about my bucket list is the easy opportunities to accomplish those small, day-to-day things that I find myself thinking, “hm…. that would be a nice thing to try/do/eat.”  Especially with how handy Facebook, Pinterest and other social media things are at reminding me of things I want to try/do/eat.

Which is how my #98 came to be.  My friend, Timi, who I’ve mentioned  [ here ] is one of my FB friends who has on more than multiple occasions sang the praises of some popsicles her family buys every time they are out and about in Sacramento- mainly Farmer’s Markets and special events it seems. After what felt like the 100th public service announcement from Timi about how yummy these DavePops tasted, I said to myself, “Hm…. that would be a nice thing to try.” And so, #98- Try a ‘DavePop‘- made my list.

Easy enough!

The only real difficulty, other than timing my visit to a DavePop event with my visit to Sacramento, was choosing one flavor. As you might see by the board in the background, there are over a dozen options that all sound amazing as Dave himself describes them.  Since it was 10 am and I had yet to have my caffeine fix I went for the Mocha while Blake chose Strawberry.  Both were dairy free, dripless with a host of other food-restriction-friendly charm added in.

It seems silly, I suppose, to have something so mundane on my list but … I’m hooked. My craving for more got to me before we had even made it back to the parking lot (The Carmichael Park Farmer’s Market, BTW, was a great morning destination in itself) and I am already looking forward to my next popsicle.  Which says a lot to those who know me- Ice Cream, Popsicles and sweets in general are not my thing. But DavePops I could make an exception for 😉

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