#82- Sunrise


It occurred to me awhile back that, having since moved to the Coast, I would -almost daily- have the pleasure of watching the sun set below the ocean’s horizon.  But as far as a Sunrise, I don’t think I experienced that since the time I found myself lost in Spain and sleeping on the beach in Barcelona after a fun night with friends at a Nightclub.  My body had no sense of what timezone I was in.  This was 2005.  Otherwise, it’s safe to say I’m not a morning person and the times I was forced to be…. it wasn’t to watch the sun come up.

So one of my goals this year was to simply watch the sun rise, for pleasure (#82).  Ideally, it would seem fitting to watch the sunrise over the East Coast ocean horizon; I like the idea of having minimal view obstructions as this has also contributed to reasons for why I never see the sun rise.  How can you when tall buildings, trees and babies are in your way?

Blake & I set out on a cross country road trip last week (something I will blog more on in another post).  Feeling jazzed up by the week ahead, I agreed to setting the alarm at 5:30 am in order to leave our place in Nevada and make good drive time.  This is  important to note as every day afterwards Blake was back to threatening and shoving me out of bed to get me going.

As we loaded up the car I looked out on the open road before us (a true understatement as Nevada is nothing but open road) and I had a very clear, breathtaking view of the sun coming up beyond the barren mountains.  This was as good as it will get with me, and I won’t complain.  It was beautiful.  I truly understand and appreciate the poetic-ness and romance of a sunrise.  It’s inspiring.  I’m sure once I’m in my final days I will watch and count every sunrise as a blessing. But as of now, I count the minutes of extra sleep as a blessing.

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