#6- Talitha

When I documented my 2012 bucket list, one of the items was to have lunch with my friend Talitha, who I see once a year (at best) because she lives much further South in CA.  I had written then that if I did a bucket list every year,  Talitha would be on it, hence being #6 on 2014’s list. I would say it is because I have few friends that I feel so connected with as her, but in reflection…. I have many friends collected over the years that I cherish beyond words.  Talitha is special to me because we came to our life crossroads at similar times, share a similar faith and a similar outlook on all things. She was a constant in my life for several years at the place where we worked and because of our shared opinions of matters at hand and all these other reasons, I will always feel connected to her.  I love her company!

How I managed to snag her for a lunchtime date so easily when she was in town visiting family is beyond me.  She has 3 kiddos- one just a few months old and a big family. We arranged to meet at Cafe Dantorels (originally Crepeville) one Sunday when I was in town as well and caught eachother up on all the drama of our lives.  It was thoroughly enjoyable as Talitha has such a “colorful” family.  I can’t say I find anyone else’s story telling as amusing…

I may have mentioned it before, I feel like I did, but I truly believe that making time to catch up with old friends is a must for one’s health.  One day, one year I will make a bucket list of 100 friends to do this with.

One thought on “#6- Talitha

  1. I love your idea of visiting 100 friends in one year. I might be challenged with the 100 number, but it is an excellent idea!!

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