#86- The ExplOratorium

I loved, loved, LOVED the Exploratorium as a kid.  Class field trips here were the BEST.  When we moved to the Bay Area 3 years ago I heard they had remodeled, reopened it on the Embarcadero and I was certain it was a trip worth making.  At the time making 2014’s bucket list, Jen & I had been going back and forth about when we would get together again and what adventure I could reserve her & Olivia for.  The Exploratorium (#86)  was a no-brainer.

Coincidentally, once I posted my list for 2014, it seemed like every single person I knew- including my immediate family and many of my closest friends- happened to visit there.  I’m not saying it was because I put it on my list, but I am saying it ticked me off royally to know I was the only one NOT checking it out yet!

Jen & I then did the typical song & dance that busy friends do when trying to pinpoint a day & time- one suggesting one day, the other explaining why they can’t and suggesting a different day to which the other would reply that it wouldn’t work then either. Such is the life of fabulous, hard-working and social butterfly moms!

But alas, we finally met up this past weekend.  I will say, it’s ideal to go during a stormy week day when everyone else decides to either stay home and/or go to school/work like they are suppose to. This place was PACKED.  Fortunately, there are so many hands-on exhibits that we still were able to enjoy many of them, although I am certain we missed at least half during the 3 hours we were there.


Jen got in for free because she is a California Public School Teacher, so for any teacher out there who is interested, that will save you a good $30! I also scored a nice discount for being a “local” (San Mateo County resident).  The girls were entertained nonstop, and at several points Jen & I found ourselves so mind-blown and giggling hysterically at our ineptness to what experiment was going on that we reasoned it would be a ridiculously fun blast to come back just the two of us after having several stiff drinks. Which, you can actually do in a sense-  they have an Adult-Only Happy Hour every week.  The place closes down to all children, and grown-ups can come and play.  Fantastic!

This would be an excellent family-membership year-long pass for anyone close enough and science-geeky enough to get a kick out of regular visits.  I actually don’t think you need to be geeky at all, it’s just really cool anyway. Hopefully we will be back sooner rather than later.

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