#65- Wine with a View

The Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay is just a phenomenal place to eat. to drink. to run. to golf. to stay. to indulge. to just BE. I suppose there isn’t anyone who would think otherwise with the brand itself.  I’ve had the pleasure of spending time here on just a few rare occasions, most notably their Spa (and subsequent discount for locals), their Coastal Running Trail and their amazing Wine Bar. It’s on these occasions that I secretly delight in feeling like a millionaire, if for no other reason then just proximity. I live close enough, so that makes me rich enough- HA!

I had no other big motive for putting this on my list (#65- Enjoy a glass of wine & listen to live music at the Ritz) other than wanting an excuse to go out and have a nice glass of wine, sans kids. Nothing wrong with pre-scheduling mandatory nights out, right?!  Which is what we did last week- 3 different flight samples and some appetizers while watching the Coastal Fog come in as the Bagpiper played and the outdoor fire pits got lit.  It was a perfect night- but I think you could say that about any evening spent at the Ritz…

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