#1- Drive the Fire Road

As mentioned in previous posts…where I live, it seems, there are dozens upon dozens of gravel & dirt roads that lead off into nowhere. It feels a little out of sorts to be surrounded by what feels like hundreds of miles of nothingness, only to find that it’s 20 miles aerial from Coastline (where we live) to inland Bay/ Bustling city.

When we first moved here and I would drive past all these roads, I of course got curious and went to Google Earth maps to see just what was at the end of these roads, if anything.  Well, there is one I drive past regularly called by all the locals as “the fire road” which, when I looked online, leads from here all the way to the Bay (kind of).  According to Google Earth, Along the way there are weird buildings, an abandoned airstrip, a fully outfitted Boy Scout Conference Grounds, small lakes, creeks, trail camps, outhouses and more.  Curiosity might one day kill me.

Part of our motivation to finally make the drive was the fact that the kids were with their Grandmother and we just traded in our commuter car for a “hiking shoe” as it’s been referred to.  What better way to give it a test drive than through unforgiving, steep, mountainous terrain?

Overall, it wasn’t as fascinating as say, coming across a treehouse complete with Rail cars in the middle of nowhere. More so than anything, I found myself slightly irritated by all the private property cleverly disguised as “businesses,” (tax evasion? I would have no way of knowing, but come on….)  such as the Ainsley Family Tree Farm as one example.  Really now? You want to tell me that 10 miles in on a road that is under lock & key with boulders & tree roots and crevices that make it nearly impossible to get to… you’re running a tree farm?  I’d like to know the cost of one Redwood please… oh, wait, there’s no way to contact you. That’s a bummer.

Anyway, when we finally got back on to paved road we found the entrance to Big Basin Redwoods State Park, a GORGEOUS mini-version of Yosemite that I had no idea was there.  I mean, I knew the state park was there but the Camping options, the trails, the Gift Shop, the Information Center was A-MAZE-ING. Fabulous! We stopped for popsicles & water and then got back onto the road toward home, passing a bunch of other little towns tucked into these mountains.  It was great to see “the neighborhood” in a sense, and I’m really glad we did it. I’m even MORE glad our car held up to the challenge, we came across no illegal marijuana farms and no imbreeding-people eating-crazies waiting for their next meal…. I’m only a little paranoid 😉

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