#69- The Perfect Eyebrow

I once read about the 3 types of consumers: The first being the “jump-in-head-first, camp-outside-the-Apple-Store, gotta-have-and-try-the-latest-and-greatest” Consumer, who likely paid $1000’s of dollars for the first VCR, The second consumer being the one who’s practical and waits for the lines to go away and the prices to go down and the Consumer Report to come out,and the third consumer who bought their VCR second hand from a thrift store 30 years ago and still believes it to be sufficient (a.k.a. My mom). Or something of that way.  I bring it up because Brow Threading- an ancient Middle East practice of hair removal- was one of those things that I rolled my eyes at and figured it would never last, therefore I wouldn’t bother trying it, therefore would sit back and watch all the threading bars to go out of business.

Which may still very well happen. But, when I stopped and questioned my own pre-judgments about brow-threading, I realized I had no real reason to dismiss it and be that consumer who will forever find my tweezers to be sufficient and more cost-effective. Also, gnawing in the back of my memories was the time when my fashion-forward and trend-setting friend Christina offered to pluck my eyebrows once when we were teenagers, and then spent a large portion of the experience complaining about how my brow bone was lopsided, therefore my arches would never be symmetrical.  The horror! This was confirmed when I was fitted for my first pair of glasses in my early 20’s.

So, I decided to jump in and give this brow-threading a fair shot.  Since putting it on my list (#69- Try brow threading), I also decided for best results I would refrain from plucking my eyebrows until I had a decent amount of craziness growing.  This is what my eyebrows looked like after a 6 month grooming hiatus:

eye brow threading, "before" picture

eye brow threading, “before” picture

Not really much to work with, I know. And I swear this was 6 months worth.  I will never get Brook Shield’s eyebrow look back, EVER, at this rate.  But I had had it with the few hairs that did grow in, so one weekend in June after coming across a Groupon for a $5 thread job at the new Folsom Palladio I took the plunge.  Here’s my opinion of the experience:

1) I can’t imagine being a worker doing this kind of job.  How incredibly mundane and unrewarding. From my very humble perspective.

2) It took about 5 minutes total, start to finish.

3) In this short amount of time, the woman half heartedly tried to sell me an unlimited visit card for $50 for 3 months.  This was shortly after telling me that my hair growth-type appeared to be the kind that will never truly fill back in to it’s original pre-teen glory. She also mentioned that I came from the era of women who opted for the pencil-thin/permanently-surprised eyebrow, though mine wasn’t as bad as some she had seen. Clearly, Sales & Marketing are not her strength.

4) It felt like slowly ripping off a band-aid.  It hurts, kind of, but you know it’s silly to say it out loud at this age.

5) Afterwards my eyebrows were itchy and red for an hour or two, and then the area that was plucked promptly broke out.  Nothing a hot shower didn’t fix.

Oh, here is an after picture, which doesn’t really catch the shock-n-awe of having been threaded, but whatever:

Eye Brow Threading, "after" picture

Eye Brow Threading, “after” picture


I do believe this is an ideal grooming option for someone with thicker hair, darker hair, and hair in places other than eyebrows.  They do cheeks, lips, in front of the ears… I didn’t ask about Bikini lines, but…. I’m sure there is someone out there with a bottom line that won’t be crossed.  After all was said and done, I did feel “cleaned up” and fresh, so for $5 I could do it again and again, but from what I can tell most places charge about $15 starting.  Ehh.

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