#52- Bad Arnold, BAD!

Does anyone else have childhood memories that include watching movies that you just don’t quite understand because you’re only 5-9 years old and most of the concepts, plots or underlying story lines are just way over your head? I have several movies that fall in to this category, and most of them tend to be Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. For starters, the biggest confusion is how any damsel-in-distress found him to be even remotely attractive (and yes, that was my thought as a child). Secondly, even at that age I could tell that he had zero acting ability….. why was he still making movies? Third, most of my childhood was also a string of friends using Arnold One-Liners from said movies.

Then, people had the audacity to elect him as Governor.  Sure, I enjoyed the “My Governor can kick your Governor’s Ass” bumper sticker just like you did, but the fascination still baffled me.  I decided I needed to watch these movies again, to figure out what it was I missed, to right any wrongs I had made, any misconceptions that haunted me.  So, #52- Watch Bad Arnold Movies- made my list.

We rented Kindergarten Cop, Twins & Junior.

Kindergarten Cop: Ridiculous, unlikely, totally cheesy.  But… did anyone else think this little charmer was Joan Kusak’s daughter?

I digress….

Twins: Equally ridiculous, unlikely, totally cheesy.

Junior:  Traumatizing.  Thank God Natalie didn’t watch this one. I felt myself throw up a little with every pregnancy symptom that a full grown, body-building Austrian man was trying to act out.

And how truly stupid was it that in all three movies, beautiful blondes fell in love with Arnold just by looking at him?  Even when he was 9 months pregnant, Emma Thompson (in the movie) willingly and hungrily had sex with him. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW……

If I could speculate, I would think it very possible that there was a dip in daily births across the country 9 months after this movie was released, because ain’t NOBODY can get that image out of their minds long enough to reproduce. I wish I could take an icepick to my brain to UNSEE this movie. *sigh*

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