#93- Monopolized

This game, Monopoly, used to be so much fun when I was younger.  Collecting money…getting rich… buying lots of stuff…. killing the opponent and watching them suffer a slow and agonizing descent into bankruptcy.

And now, comically, as I played as an adult this past week against Blake it was almost too painful to bare. Taxes after taxes, rental fees, doubled rental fees, hospital stays, jail time, leveraging properties to pay the bills.

“I can’t get ahead.”

Which was true, right from the start. Round 1 and he was sent to jail, paid taxes, lost a turn, backtracked and more. I felt bad, and didn’t want to buy any properties until he had a chance too.  But even then, by sheer luck, I never landed on any of his properties. He kept paying taxes right after passing go… It was literally depressing, and I found myself completely disinterested in playing after a few laps around the board.

And this mirrors life in a lot of ways.  It got me thinking, how is that enjoyable for anyone?  I suppose because unlike Monopoly, in real life you don’t ever really have to face the person you are taking money from. You don’t have to see their struggle, if you’re rich.

Maybe I took the game to heart too much.  It is what it is.  But after sitting in our storage closet for the past several years, this game went straight to donations that very night, and I crossed #93 (challenge someone in Monopoly) off my list for good.

Dannah Nielsen

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