#7- The Beach!

I know what you’re thinking…. how is watching a movie an adventure, and why The Beach when (1) I’m no fan of Leo and (2) I get enough of the beach as it is?

Well, we don’t watch a lot of TV, or movies, in our house. So… putting one on and sitting all the way through it IS a bit of a adventure.  And anyone who has gone with me to the movies knows I don’t do well.  I’m the one that talks back and heckles the characters and plot lines. I can’t help it!

But The Beach was actually Blake’s contribution to the Bucket List (#7). And believe it or not, we still have one of those Video Rental stores in town which carries a lot of stuff.  It’s amazing they have survived this long, but I guess they do well. After talking about it on the car ride home, we realized we both had seen it when it came out in 2000 and never again since.  I remembered that I wasn’t a fan of Leo and pretty much stopped watching anything of his after Catch Me if you Can. Part of my repulsion to any hype or craze is the fact that there is a hype to begin with, so while all my friends were swooning and taping TigerBeat “posters” to their walls, I was turning my nose up.

the Beach Leonardo

Back to the movie- it’s good. I guess. I like movies that are consistent and realistic with their characters and storyline, and this one had little deviation or nonsense.  The South Pacific is as gorgeous as the movie depicts it to be, of course, and with that I will say it makes me want to go back. Right after they find that plane….

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