#20- Rooted

Last Bucket list, I carved my name in a tree. This time I thought my love for trees should be a little more giving rather than taking (#20- plant a tree).

I have a lot of potted trees, and I pretty much live in a Redwood forest, so planting another one on our property didn’t seem like it’d make much of an impact. I spent some time thinking about where I’d want this tree to go (besides in the ground) that would be meaningful.  My parents house, and other family properties seemed unrealistic as well.

Then it dawned on me that this would be another fun project to take on with Natalie & her classmates.  And I love doing fun things in her class! After talking it over with her teacher, I planned a curriculum using another favorite children’s book (The Red Lemon) followed with some tasting & experimenting with three potential options- Lemons, Plums & Apples.  All this mixed in with some fun finger songs about things that grow in trees and we ended with a class voting on which tree should be planted in the school garden…

Dannah Nielsen Pescadero Grown Plum Tree

As each child voiced their opinion, I marked it on the appropriate tree.  I was actually surprised Plum was the big winner- although knowing these kids, it might have been because the girls liked the color purple, and once that momentum got going and the kids were all cheering and dancing…. everyone else might have followed suit and chose plum just to keep the party going.

So, I went out and bought a Plum Treeling. The following Gardening class for Kinder was a lesson on how to properly plant and care for the Plum Tree, and the kids got to work. I think they really enjoyed it!  We started out in one area, dug halfway down… hit a pipe (in the middle of nowhere??) and had to start over.  Then, we hit the jackpot with underground  critters & crawlers which was a good distraction for several minutes.

I loved that the Garden had it’s own heaping pile of compost from lunchtimes that filled in around the tree.  Next comes the deer fencing, and hopefully some Plums next year!  We are also working on a little plaque of sorts, to say it was a gift from Natalie as a big thank you to her school for a fantastic first year 🙂

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