#42 Wood Duck Could Duck Wood

When I put #42 on my list, I specifically remember it was a result of looking at a photo of me the same age as Natalie, feeding ducks at a pond. I remember as a kid whenever we made a trip to the library (which was often) half the fun was the library, half the fun was feeding the ducks that lived in the pond at the library.  My mom was gracious enough to let me take whatever bread was left of the loaf we had at the moment to feed the ducks.

I really had no set plans on the horizon, or even an idea of where to find some ducks to feed. But about 2 weeks ago my Dad called to tell me he had won some sort of Duck Tagging Waterfowl Tour from a benefit dinner he had attended, and wanted to know if it seemed like something Natalie & I would be interested in. Honestly, it didn’t seem that appealing at the moment… but then again, it didn’t seem like the worst thing I could get roped into either. “Sure,” I said somewhat feigning my enthusiasm, “Natalie would love that!”


And truth be told, she did.  And I did!  So glad we made this trip.  It was a private “tour” of a property out in Granite Bay that is home to many Wood Ducks, Owls, Fish, Otters, Squirrels and all those other woodland critters that people drive on past without giving much thought to.  We saw ducks and owls sitting on their eggs, got lessons on the reasons for tagging (banding?) wildlife and both Natalie & her cousin Deani got to go fishing in the pond there. It was probably one of the better ways to spend a weekend morning, really.  A very pleasant experience- better than simply taking stale bread out to a manmade pond in the middle of the city. Thank you California Waterfowl Association… and thanks to my Dad for passing along the opportunity!

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