#71- Visiting Daffodil Hill

I had actually been to Daffodil Hill once before, about 6 years ago. I was on Maternity leave with Natalie and in a desperate attempt to quiet a baby, regain my sanity and get out of the house, I made the drive out to see it after remembering the hill being referenced by a co-worker. On a good note: it was a weekday midday, Natalie was in a great mood and it was an overall enjoyable experience.  On a sad note: not knowing what to expect, I had no camera (6 years ago I did not have a smartphone),no company and no food. We showed up, it was quiet, empty and sunny.  I remember sitting on a bench, nursing Natalie and enjoying the sights but then ultimately leaving early, hungry and with nothing to show for it.

After loving our trip to Skagit Valley to see the Tulip festival in 2012, I was musing to myself that I wish California had more colorful sites to see such as that.  This musing brought about 2 resolutions: 1) plant my own tulip field ((#27) and 2) revisit Daffodil Hill (#71). This time better prepared!

This time we brought company, we brought picnic lunches, we brought a camera, we brought cute Easter Sunday Dresses for photo ops and we carved out a good chunk of our day to make this trip!

I don’t know the entire story behind Daffodil HIll, I’m sure it’s a nice one.  I mean, who plants THOUSANDS of Tulips on a big hill, throws in some farm animals and port-a-potties, picnic benches and other amusement goodies and then lets the public in for free? Who does that?  We were commenting to eachother that these owners could easily charge something as simple as $2-$5 per person and make millions.  It seems. Despite going at a mundane time, it was still busy with visitors.  Older visitors who loved commenting on our girls outfits & disrupting any chance at getting all 3 to just look at the camera & smile. Oh well…. We are so glad Daphne & Jessica came with us- it was great visiting, and extra special for Jess since Daffodils have been the main theme for Daphne’s nursery & such.

Tulips will still be my favorite, however, and I will one day have my own Tulip Hill of sorts.  And I will be charging 😉

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