#40- The Oakland Zoo

It’s hard watching the news every night and then trying to convince yourself that there is anything of decency across the Bay in Oakland. But since moving here, I’ve come across the occasional mother who chats about her recent trip to or her membership at the Oakland Zoo, and seeing as I am a BIG fan of wild life animals in general (and thus, the zoos I am limited to visiting in order to see them), I thought we could brave a trip to check it out (#40- visit the Oakland Zoo).

And I am so glad we did!  We pulled Natalie out of school a little early on a Monday, and showed up about 1.5 hours before they closed, which I think worked to our benefit. It was sunny and peaceful with only a handful of visitors.

I was immediately excited to see they had all my favorite animals: Giraffes, Lions, Zebras, Elephants, tigers, Alligators, Kangaroos, etc. They even had one kind of baboon species I had never seen before!  I couldn’t tell you the name, but that ass is one I won’t soon forget:


At first I thought one guy had a really bad case of hemorrhoids or tumors growing on his behind, but it turns out the entire gang sported the same shiny raw pink skin tone underneath their tails.  That can’t feel good!

This was Holly’s first time to the Zoo, and she got a real kick out of some of the exhibits.  I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed with how updated, clean and lively the place seemed.  Way better than the SF Zoo.  Not as good as San Diego (obviously) but probably on the same par as Sacramento. I could definitely enjoy more trips to this place in the future.

To me, the only thing better than the Zoo would be an actual African Safari adventure.  That’s on my ultimate bucket list!

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