#83- Traeger :)

Can you tell who’s dog this is?

We’ve been wanting a family pet for quite some time.  We temporarily cared for a German Shorthaired, Simone- a great dog!- while my friend went through an ugly divorce. We all loved Simone and were sad to see her go, which left us longing for ‘someone’ to call our own.  Add to the fact that Holly was over the moon with excitement just with the mention or the sight of a pet and we knew we had to give it a try, hence making it #83 on the bucket list.  I’ve always been wary of the commitment, personally, and I regularly critique people who center their entire worlds around what their dog will allow them to do or not do. But I reasoned we weren’t going to be one of those families, I wouldn’t allow it so why not?

We spent probably the last 6 months visiting different shelters around the Bay Area & Sacramento. With no luck- the pickings were limited to chihuahuas and pitbulls, or older mutts who lost an eye/ear/leg somewhere in their long and undoubtedly adventurous life. I wasn’t too particular, I thought.  I just wanted a young dog with good  manners and good genes. Buying a puppy seemed out of the question since most breeders wanted upwards of $500+ and we aren’t those kind of investors.

As we were headed home from Yosemite two weekends ago, we were completely surrounded by farmland and on more than one occasion saw the family farm dog running loose.  Blake commented that out here, 5 hours away from the Bay Area, there might be a stronger chance of finding what we wanted. We stopped for lunch in Turlock and decided to take a peak at what was available….. and there they were: the most adorable litter of 6 male boxer puppies. SOLD! $60 in fees and we had ourselves….. Traeger. We named him after our BBQ pit (which we love just as much it seems).   2 weeks in and he’s seemingly perfect.  Sleeping thru the night starting on night 2, no potty accidents in the house since day 3 and he’s so very gentle and cuddly with the girls…. I’m hoping he sticks!

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