#24- Yosemite

I was surprised with a birthday gift this month with a trip to Yosemite (#24 on my list).  Yosemite is one my more favorite, less visited places in California for the same reasons as every other outdoorsy person.  I wish I could say I’ve been here multiple times, however total trips can still be counted on just one hand.  The last time being when I was pregnant with Natalie, which made for some great photo ops, but not much hiking.

Although, I will likely make another stop through Yosemite at some point during 2014 because I also have on my list #2- visit Bodie & Mono Lake.  Which is on the other side of Yosemite, but currently almost unreachable since the one and only main road to it is closed.

Yosemite is as beautiful as I remember it (ahhhhh cliché) and my breath was once again taken away when we emerged from the other side of the tunnel and had grand sweeping views of El Capitan, Half Dome & Yosemite Valley.  This place is truly expansive (if you didn’t know that already) and it probably takes either multiple trips or a full week stay to truly appreciate all it has to offer.  While we hiked one area and I examined a map of different options, I told Blake one day- maybe when our kids are pouty teenagers- we need to book a week and hike the BIG trail, the one that takes you above El Capitan & Upper Yosemite Falls.  14 miles round trip!  This time, we stuck to what Natalie could handle and what my hips could handle with Holly on my back.  Last time I visited, we only made it halfway to the top of Half Dome. The way I see it,  there are LOTS of great GOALS to set within Yosemite!

I do think if it weren’t such a windy, long drive to get there, and if there weren’t such a ridiculously small time frame window/opportunity to book a campsite I’d be here at least once every summer.  Maybe our next move will be closer to this place 😉

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