#68- The Melting Pot

I put #68 on my list (take the girls to the Melting Pot) for a few reasons.

1) Natalie always bugs us to come along on our “date nights”

2) At the time, I thought melted cheese and melted chocolate couldn’t be a wrong way to go with my picky eater.

3) How fun is fondue?! I think it’s a great alternative and an interesting one for kids to be a part of.

4) It’s where Blake proposed to me, so …. why not share it one day with our girls?

We opted, for practical reasons, to not bring Holly this time.  She herself is a complete maniac when it comes to food so I feared trying to explain to her that she couldn’t drink the cheese or had to wait till it cooled down seemed past her comprehension.  Not to mention how hot the pot gets.  It would be one big recipe for disaster.

Natalie was thrilled to have a special night with just the three of us.  She got dressed up, felt fancy and was on her best behavior. When it came to the cheese, however, she was not having it.  I suppose it would have helped if she didn’t see the ingredients going IN to the pot.  It was a total turn off for her. I wasn’t going to let this ruin our night, however, so we compromised and gave her a plate of all the dippings (carrots, broccoli, apple, bread, etc.) and agreed that if she ate all that she could have the chocolate fondue…. which of course she  feasted on. Didn’t need to ask what her favorite part of the night was!

In hindsight, I probably would have waited another few years to take her.  It might help if she outgrew some of her pickiness when it comes to the food because really, melted cheese is NOT that bad.

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