#61- Friends

Last year, Beth created a bucket list which included having a coffee date with yours truly.  Not to shame her, but we went all of 2013 without making it happen.  Sure, we hung out and saw each other several times, but there is just something about one-on-one, uninterrupted friend time that can’t be beat.  It just can’t happen on playdates or at birthday parties or crab feeds where *one* or the other has too much to drink.  But nonetheless, I am pretty persistent and even though I occasionally brought our pending coffee date to her attention, I knew if it was going to happened, I’d have to put it on my bucket list (#61).

I have always really enjoyed Beth’s company.  I have very few friends who can not only put up with me, but argue with me… call me out and yet still be mature enough to laugh it off and have another drink. We all like to think we have those friends, or ARE that friend but time only shows if that’s the case.  Beth and I have known each other since High School and played a variety of roles during this time- most notably, Beth was my camp counselor at church camp one year when she was 18 and the rest of us were pretty close to 18.  Clearly a laughable memory.  Not because of any inability to spiritually guide teenagers, but… because….. the thought in itself is ridiculous. Who has a teen lead more teens?  What work, if any, gets done?

Beth and I talked for 2 and 1/2 hours. And we weren’t even close to being done.  We probably sounded like giddy middle schoolers with the latest edition of Seventeen magazine, only the topics were about cleaning house, mothers, finances, relationships and Early Childhood Education.  Funny, really…

I sometimes ponder creating a bucket list strictly around the idea of visiting with friends, reflecting on friendships and making new friends.  Now wouldn’t be a good time for a bucket list such as that only because of how far away I live and how we all are juggling small children and such.  But maybe one day when my kids are in High School or college, I will sit down and draw up a list of people I must visit. You hear people say you have to purposefully create time for important things, which includes friendships of course and so I am so thankful I had the foresight to put a few of my favorite people, like Beth, on this year’s list.

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