#38- Immortalized (until someone drops it)

Two years ago, Natalie & I made her handprint out of clay for Father’s Day.  We painted it, glazed it, and hung it on our office wall. Up until about two weeks ago, right about the time I was telling Natalie not to mess with it because it would break, Natalie messed with it, it fell of it’s hook and broke.

But, before then I often would find my eyes gravitating towards its spot on the wall because of how beautifully it would shine and how bold it stood out from all our other decor in the office.  As I typed up my bucket list here on the computer and paused to think about what I wanted to do this year, I found myself staring at it and realized I needed to make the same (similar) handprint of Holly, No special occasion needed (#38).

I bought some clay, invited my friend Jessica and her daughter Daphne to come play with us and that night they were here, we pressed out some fresh clay and immortalized our Daughter’s handprints.  I love them!

IMG_0092I’m such a mom. But I know a great grandmother who still hangs hers on her wall, and I am certain somewhere in my mom’s own house is my terracotta handprint wrapped away for me to cry about when I’m 90.  Of course I have to have that for my daughters as well 🙂

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