#62- Holly’s Keepsake

Back when I was young, with disposable income that went to nothing important and just OODLES of time, I liked to Scrapbook.  I thought I was pretty “crafty,” in general and am still pleased with the books I DID scrapbook from start to finish, but then one day I walked into a Scrapbook store. I realized at that moment, that Scrapbooking was like Cakepops, puffpainted sweatshirts, stamping, stenciling, jazzercise, the RonCO Food Dehydrator, hot glue guns and now Mason Jars with burlap and shabby chic chalkboards-  just. plain. RIDICULOUS. (And I’ve never used Bold Font in a blog before). The amount of time, money, and effort that women will go into to create a FULL 9×12 page that displays ONE photo…. it’s crazy.  Upwards of $200. I cut myself off, determined to dwindle my supply and spend my money elsewhere.

Thankfully, several years ago as I was scrolling through my MacBook Pro (this is relevant info) I discovered Mac “Keepsakes.”  Real books, real photo albums you create yourself simply by clicking, dropping, and typing what you want where you want.  Fantabulous! And 100% QUALITY!  I now own 4 keepsakes and they look so tasteful lined up on our bookcase, ready to show off to any houseguest wanting to see photo albums.

It’s still a time-consuming task.  I decided I didn’t want to be the mom who had unfinished baby books that haunted them for years (Natalie’s is a scrapbook and, though technically presentable, still needs to be finished- that’s #37) so I set out to create, complete and purchase Holly’s album right away.  Sooner rather than later because, my MacBook Pro was starting to become my MacBook Slo after giving me a good 8 year run.

In fact, I completed Holly’s album, went to order it and kept getting error messages… Yikes! At this point I discovered that Apple has a customer service hotline that is NOT automated (real live people!) and they are NOT a phone bank in India! Ah-MAZ-ing!!! More amazing is that I could go 8 years as a Mac owner and never have had to call them.  It was ultimately recommended that I take my Mac into the Apple store, where I got prompt service… ordered Holly’s album within minutes and then reinstalled the Mavericks software so now I have a like-new laptop that costed me ZERO dollars. I love you Mac. And I love iMac Keepsake albums.  I highly recommend them to everyone. Especially Scrapbookers everywhere.

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