#96- Food Coma

If I lived anywhere near a Street Food Truck Park, I’d be grotesquely obese.  Street Food Truck Parks is the equivalent of Mall Food Courts, only outdoors and strictly kept to Small Business/ Local Owner and truly original infusions of ethnic yumminess of every kind.

We’ve passed one in particular in SF on several occasions and regularly vowed to be back one day with cash in hand (hence it landing as #96 on myl ist).  And judging from this experience, I will be back many more times.

We visited almost every truck- ordering Peruvian Calamari, Greek Gyros, Burmese chicken noodles and Korean Nachos, topping it off with some beers and ginger mint ice tea infusions to go…. I’m so hungry all over again!

This place is really well organized and well run.  I’m not sure if this is the case at other locations, but if not I think other big cities could take note and create an awesome street culture of food using this model.  Open seating, lots of variety, music, shade trees, and the feeling that you’re really part of something cool.  I’ve seen versions of this on Food Network/ etc. and I think it’s awesome!

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