#41- Under the Sea

I have this habit of painting blank walls where ever I go.  My childhood bedroom, the darkroom of my high school Photography class, the sound wall on the side of my college house, every room of the same said college house, and every classroom I’ve ever taught in.

As a disclaimer, I don’t fancy myself an artist, I’ve never taken an art class, nor tried to do anything professionally. I have enough respect for those who are skilled Painters to know and openly claim that I am of amateur status, and will likely always be.  It’s a hobby I have fun doing and simply shrug it off if one day it’s all painted over.

In 2012, I painted a mermaid on my girls’ bedroom wall.  We liked it, but over time it felt pretty plain, and lacking a few friends.  I knew I wanted to add to it, but until it got put on my list, it seemed like dream without a deadline.

So here it is,  my latest fascination:  Sea Turtles.   Ever since I spontaneously swam with one while snorkeling in Belize, I have decided they are my new favorite creatures…

Sea Turtle Mural

The Girls little quiet corner 🙂

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