#66- “Room Mom”

I really enjoy volunteering, I really enjoy working with kids and I really enjoy making great memories with Natalie.  For her 6th birthday, we decided to do a project in her classroom to celebrate- also #66 on my list.

I blog about most of it   { here }  on the girls blog that I keep for them.

As a teacher, I’ve always appreciated parent volunteers- whether the task be big or small, I think people being involved in a child’s education is one of the most valuable investments one can make.  It’s by far the only one I’ve seen return my efforts and hardwork 100 times over.

Natalie wanted to bring sugar (aka cupcakes) in to share with her class for her birthday, I reluctantly agreed to sweets- but with the stipulation that it would be educational.  So, we picked out a Donut theme, to go with our coveted “The Donut Chef” book, sang and acted out a counting song about Donuts and ended with decorating our own donuts.  I’m pretty sure I will go down in Pescadero Elementary Kindergarten history as the most Awesomest mom ever. Later that same day, when I picked Natalie up from school, most of her classmates wanted to hug me goodbye and asked when I would come in again. I’m hooked!

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