#33- The Story of Stuff… Part 1

Before 2013 ended, my neighbor was over at my home boasting about how she’s been cleaning out and throwing away/donating tons of things from in & around her home, something I do for fun on a weekly basis when I’m bored.  She mentioned to me a book she was reading about organizing your life and the challenge the book posed to get rid of 100 things all at once.  Why not?

I’m an anti-hoarder. A minimalist of sorts, though I do appreciate my photos, mementos and book collection.  In general, however, I don’t see value in having lots of stuff and I believe in some extreme cases, having your home overtaken by things can lead to anxiety or stress, even if it’s not seen by the naked eye.  Having lots of stuff, in my opinion, means more to clean, more to maintain, more to concern yourself with.  Assuming you want your things to be well cared for.

For myself, not having a lot of stuff past the basic necessities means I am freed from tedious housework, free from maintenance and repair and free to spend my time/money/efforts on more meaningful happenings in my life.   Small home = less $$$ spent cleaning, decorating, filling, heating which in turn = less stress and anxiety.  I sometimes laugh at the concept of paying someone to clean or take care of all your stuff for you. To me, personally, that’s even more bizarre than having to have lots of stuff to begin with.  And then to hear someone complain about having to work all day inorder to pay someone to maintain their stuff for them….well, it’s crazy to me.  A vicious cycle! haha

Back to where I was going with this: I don’t need stuff.  It took me about a week and a half to find 100 things, but I found them, bagged them up and took them down to our local Social Services Thrift Shop. Lots of clothes I keep thinking I’d wear again, but won’t.  Lots of Toys & CD’s from the girls room.  Home decor, sunglasses, Vases, Baskets (how do baskets make their way into my house?) linens and other odds and ends.

I made self-imposed rules for myself, such as Sets of things count only  as 1 item. Things that have to be thrown away because they are beyond value or repair don’t count, they just have to be thrown away.  Let’s be sensible here.

Honorable Mentions:

A small stash of Assorted Pampered Chef gadgets that I got from hosting a Pampered Chef party in 2004, but never once used.

Coasters we never used, because we have kids and when you have kids, protecting your furniture from things like water marks is just funny.

Tupperware that has no hope of finding it’s mate.


All in all, we found 126 things without even touching the Office, Kitchen or Dining Room.  I’ll save those rooms for Round 2.

A largely uneventful Bucket List item, but I know that if I die soon and my Husband is forced to move the family back closer to relatives, he will be soooooo sooooo thankful I was never a hoarder. On the flip side, I wonder if my compulsive need to throw things out will have the reverse effect eventually on my kids.

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