#10- A Sunday Stroll

San Francisco and I have a love/hate relationship. So very much to experience, so very much anxiety around being in a big city.  I’m that driver who goes 5 under the speed limit out of fear of hitting pedestrians or cyclists, or finding myself the wrong way on a one way street.  I’m also that doomsday-prepper who wonders if TODAY (the day I’m in the city) will be the day of the next “Big One” or the long-overdue West Coast attack by terrorists.  And if nothing else, I wonder if that crazy person I’m about to walk past is the crazy person that will try to mug me, shoot me, or kidnap my child.  I do keep this all to myself and put on a brave face (lest I be classified as “just like your mother”) and so far lady luck has been in my favor.

Luck was also in our favor this past Sunday when we decided it would be the perfect family day to kick off the 2014 Bucket List with our first task- Walk Across the Golden Gate Bridge (#10).  This slightly differs from our previous accomplishment of “Walk 50 yards out on to the Bridge, snap a picture, spit your gum out over the rail watching it til it hits the water, then get back to the car cause it’s cold and we only put a quarter in the meter.”  The weather was perfect, albeit a tad windy, the tourist pile up was minimal and we were all energized.

Which was a good thing, because we blindly went into it thinking, what? It’s only a mile or so total, right? Um, no.  It’s 1.7 miles one way.  It’s seems so much shorter in distance when you’re driving across….. Oh well. Natalie was a trooper! Holly was skeptical, but silent.  All in all, I’m glad we did it.  It’s one of those things where travelers around the world but it on their own bucket list, yet locals take advantage of having the option to do it all the time.  I will admit, it was a little fun to see all the tourists and hear the different languages spoken, knowing they were embarking on something they had flown halfway around the world to do.

So there it is! First bucket list item checked off and in the bag 🙂

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