Battle of the Balls

Jennifer Ikelman

Winner of Best Presentation, I think.

Before the end of our Mac-N-Cheese Throwdown last November, plans for the next competition already started formulating.  We soon had a list going of potential dishes, with criteria going to what can be easily served, eaten in small portions and still have a lot of room for variety and creativity.

Meatballs: this HAD to happen next, mostly because of the endless innuendo available.  Once again, our circle of friends did not fail to step up to the Battle-of-the-Balls challenge, and we pretty much had each other in stitches on the FB invite wall for the past few weeks.

We had 8 entries, which might have been the case with the last Throwdown and it seems to be the perfect number of entries. I know I said it before, but it held true this time as well:  There was not a single bad ball to be swallowed.  And I am also once again impressed with our ability to all show our creativity/originality.  There was Jen’s Banana Balls, with plantains cooked in to the center (who would have thought?) Brian’s Blu Balls, which was a 3-meat medley stuffed with Blu Cheese, and of course Nick’s Great White Balls- cheese stuffed with a white sauce drizzle.

Brian's Blu Balls Meatballs

Brian’s Blu Balls

But the winner took us by surprise. Well, took me by surprise ( I can’t speak for everyone).  Right around 12 noon when the party was suppose to start, we all got a frantic text message that said one of the competitors was running late…. we all stood around and debated if we should DQ him, if we should wait for him, if we should hang his balls out to dry. But alas, we agreed we should wait and call it a level playing field.  Could someone really throw together meatballs at record speed, fly over to Bobbi & Loren’s and serve up their balls to be judged by the masses and win? Well, the answer is yes.

I guess I was skeptical.  So skeptical, I didn’t even snap a picture of his balls, so instead I will give you a picture of the runner up’s balls:

Meatball competition

Nick’s Great White Balls

That’s right, poor Nick!  He got runner up AGAIN by a tie-breaker voter round!  Nick’s balls were amazingly, mouthwatering good.  It was obvious a lot of time and thought were put in to his dish, but that doesn’t matter when it comes to Bacon.  It’s a sure bet that if something is wrapped in Bacon, it’s going to win.  And why none of us thought of that except for Bill? Well played, Bill, well played.

Other favorites: Mine.  I don’t care whatcha say, I liked my balls.  They were the only ones with a little heat and I was pretty proud of my skill and presentation.

Also important to note:  Bobbi & Loren are extremely gracious hosts, allowing us to take over their downstairs for the event.  It was a perfect set up and we are all very grateful to them both.  Also equally important to note:  due to our $5 buy in for each person, we managed to raise a lot of money that we donated to the Dixon Teen Center!

Mexican Meatball

Cojones. Out where you can see them.

So, when voting started it looked like there was a pretty good spread of favorites, but it ultimately came down to the top two:  Nick’s Great Whites & Bill’s Bacon.  After a second vote, Nick once again lost by a point.  I plan on making him a Second Place Trophy eventually.

Plans are already in the works for ideas and improvements for the next throwdown, so if anyone out there reading this is interested in attending, drop one of us a line and we will add you in to our guestlist.  Not that we are exclusive (or maybe we are?) but we try to limit how many people we pack in to one house.

Meatball competition

The Crowd

This event is so so much fun, and I really enjoy my friends here.  Everyone is a good sport, and it puts us all in a great mood.  Things like this is a great reminder of how blessed we are to have the friends we have and the means to do events like this. Love you guys!



Arguing with me on logistics.  Typical Chad!

Arguing with me on logistics. Typical Chad!


Tally So Far....

Tally So Far….


Winner Winner Bacon Dinner!

Winner Winner Bacon Dinner!



Award! Made it ma’self