#58- A Trip Down Under

The more I get out and do things, the more I appreciate  the State I live in.  There is a book in circulation I came across once called Weird California, and it had page after page of crazy sights, monuments, people, wonders, etc. and at one point I saw a page about the California Caverns. Caves to me seemed like something only found in primitive regions of the Earth… and I guess I don’t even know what that means.   But I never considered there would be caves in my neighborhood, so I thought taking the time to check one out would be well worth it (#58).

The California Caverns are out somewhere past Amador County / Angels Camp. I know what you’re all thinking…. why drive past all my favorite wineries only to decend a few hundred feet into a smelly old cave??  It was tempting, for sure, to throw in the towel halfway in to the drive and wine taste instead, but…. I had to be reasonable. Important to note:  my friend Leslie, who is the ultimate spontaneous and fun-seeking friend I have, came along for the adventure- in fact she has joined me for other bucket list items that I sadly did not get pictures of her with me!  Leslie’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  I loved having her has a co-worker because when we got together with our ideas the classroom would become Pinterest on Crack.

Anyway,  we made the drive out (1 1/2 hours) to the Moaning Cavern.  Open year round everyday and reasonably priced, it offers several different options to descend into the cave accompanied by a proficient tour guide.  It was FASCINATING! We opted for the stairway to Hell, vs. rope propelling/ zip lining/ watersliding.  Largely because Holly wasn’t quite up to the physical skill level needed.  Natalie on the other hand was a tad bummed she couldn’t do the “rope swing.”

Some images from inside the caves….

Granted, it was a little difficult figuring out the best settings for taking pictures in a cave, and at one point the tour guide turned off the lights completely so we could see just how NO light could get in whatsoever.  Great place for a Haunted Halloween party!  Or Hide-n-Go-Seek in the dark.

But yes, very family friendly and I didn’t think too bad when it comes to a workout (only 400+ steps on the stairs), claustrophobia, and fear of heights.  We might go again when the girls are much older…. thank you Leslie for being awesome company!

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