#4- No Easy Read

Reading the entire New Testament was an interesting task for me.  In retrospect, this is probably one bucket list item that I wish I did a little better- I had always wanted to take Theology courses.  Hopefully one day when I have just oodles of time maybe I will. My personal opinion (one that maybe most people share) is that this book is extremely powerful and has A LOT to say.  If I am going to spend much of my time reading it, I’d like to understand what I am reading. Which brings me to my first problem.

I didn’t understand a lot of what was written.  Granted, I’ve grown up with the Bible so I’ve had many pastors and preachers take parts of the book and break it down for me so my overall general understanding was present, but there was SO SO much of it that didn’t make a whole lot of sense.  I know I can google a lot of it, but if I stopped to do that every time I needed help… I might not ever get done.

Second problem (which goes hand-in-hand with first problem):  I’m not sure if it’s my version that I don’t care for, but I felt like the writing skills of some of the authors was a bit…. poor.  Or maybe part of it was translation? Stories jumped around, characters were coming in and out, lots of repetition of the same story, and quite frankly it felt like at times there was some missing parts. Other times I felt like I was reading the diary of a cult leader.

I’m not trying to ‘critique’ the Bible. Because I know enough to know that this is the most critically examined piece of writing in the history of man and that each chapter can be summarized and explained to me if I sought it out.  So it’s not like I am questioning it’s content so much as I am questioning and critiquing my ability to read it.


Coincidentally, I managed to arrive on time to church this morning, and today was the first day of the “77 Days of the Bible” series.  Like the Pastor shared, it’s not just about how much and how often you read, it’s also about how much you understand and apply in your own life.   He talked about how many people have the resolution to read the entire thing, but most don’t go about it the way God intends.  It seems God also saw my sloppy job and aligned the stars just right so I would hear this Pastor’s message.  I hate when that happens.

So, yes, I accomplished this task (#4) but I resolve to consistently go to church so I can participate in the 77 days.  It sounds like it will be more successful for me.

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