#99 has been left blank since the beginning of 2012.  Not intentionally. I, at a few points, had put out a request to friends to suggest something for me to add, something maybe new or exciting that I hadn’t considered.  I did get quite a bit of input and took up some of the suggestions, but one space still lingered and I didn’t want to just throw something on to the list that didn’t inspire or motivate me.

But, since the creation of my list I had one task always on the back of my mind.  At first, I thought it was silly, or that Blake would find it silly. I considered how I would even document it and if I could do it without sounding too sappy. To give a little background, as I came up with my list I also considered things that had once made me so happy. So happy I’d want to do it again.

Last night, for the third time in the last month, I saw a shooting star. I pointed it out to Blake who rushed me to make a wish- hurry! In a mental, split-second panic I thought of what I wanted at that moment, and my mind went to my friend Beth and her husband, Dale. Dale had suffered a heart attack and Beth had been by his side for the past week. I made a silent wish for Dale to recover.

As I laid in bed later last night, I counted my blessings as I typically do and then thought about Beth and the shooting star.  Like many of her friends, my heart was broken for her. I couldn’t help but start to cry, thus waking Blake up. I won’t lie, I wanted him to wake up so I could tell him that I loved him. When he asked what he could do, I remembered the one thing that had once made me so happy, the same thing I had wanted to put on my list but thought it silly.

“I want to fall asleep holding your hand.”

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