#19- A Jolly Happy Soul!

Edna, our Pleasantly Plump Snow Woman!

Edna, our Pleasantly Plump Snow Woman!


I’m not much of a Snow Bunny these days.  I love the sight of snow, the idea of snuggling up with hot drinks and sitting in a cabin next to the fire as the snow falls outside sounds great.  But if you ask me to spend an extensive amount of tine in the snow…. I’ll politely pass.  Not sure where my internal thermal heater disappeared to, because in my college days I was trekking to Tahoe and snowboarding with the rest of my friends all the time.

But this past Christmas when I jumped out of the car in Truckee, I promptly jumped back in a minute later.  It sounds pretty dumb blonde of me, but I don’t remember it being so cold!  Natalie thought it was great and proceded to frolick without so much as gloves or snowboots on yet.. “Are you crazy?” I hollered at her, sounding like my own mother.

I sat in the car, quietly cursing at myself. How was I going to pull this off?  My memory failing me, this was stop number 3 and attempt number 3 at building this d*mn snowman.  Each time I forgot just how cold it  was outside which was the reason why I kept giving up.   Blake, already flabbergasted with me, had pulled into a parking lot where there was a sparkling, untouched white meadow ahead and a restaurant behind us.  He opted for the bloody Mary.  Natalie & I were on our own.

I got out, put on my mittens that were about 5 inches thick and set to work.  Luckily this time around the snow stuck. And rolled. And grew. Did you know that snow has to be just the right kind of fluffy in order to work? I admit, I googled it.  About 11 months ago I went into snowman building blindly, and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t roll a snowball.


snow woman

We had fun!

I built a snowman in 1988, when I was 6 and it snowed in Fairfield. I guess I should say it was a group effort.  It seemed so easy in my memory!  I’m sure Natalie will say the same thing when she one day brings her kids to the snow to play.  The good news is, we built our Snow Woman, added some flare and viola!  Happy Memory for my 4 year old for a lifetime! #19 is checked off my list!


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