#84- Who wants my blood?!

Donating Blood at Bloodsource


In all my years I have never donated blood.  At first it was a loosely-held fear of needles, but then I got a few vaccinations and a few tattoos and realized I didn’t REALLY have a fear of needles.  So then my excuse was that I kept tattooing and piercing myself, therefore rendering me disqualified for donating.  I wasn’t too distraught about it at first.  But, those Bloodsource buses kept popping up where ever I happened to be and I almost felt like I was getting shamed.  People I worked with sported the “I gave blood today stickers” and High Schoolers manned up by the dozens when the bus rolled on to Campus.  I felt embarrassed that I wasn’t being a good example.  I like being a good example!

Donating Blood at Bloodsource

you are so welcome!

Then, I had myself a little medical issue in 2011 that forced me to offer up my blood to be inspected every week.  This was getting ridiculous.  I told myself, when all is said and done I am donating blood! (#84) No more excuses!

I wasn’t allowed to give blood during my pregnancy, or for 3 months afterwards as recommended by my Doctor.  But when I finally went in a few days ago, I participated in a short questionnaire, physical and interview and was deemed healthier than most that walked through the doors at BloodSource.  It was literally painless and took less than an hour.  Side perks include snacks, of course, a full free work up of your blood to determine if you have ANYthing lurking in your system (if I do, I get a courtesy phone call informing me of my impending death) and the feeling of doing something good for fellow mankind.  Thank you BloodSource, I will be sure to hop onto the bus whenever I see you in the future!  Or, after 1 year passes after getting my next tattoo 😛

One thought on “#84- Who wants my blood?!

  1. Go Dannah, Go Dannah. I love reading your posts. You definitely inherited your mother’s will to write and document, and I’m proud to say, your favorite aunt’s great sense of humor and story telling!! xxoo, Dena

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