#29- ink’d

could have taken a nap!

could have taken a nap!

Is it true what they say? Tattoos are addicting.  I don’t really feel compelled to get anymore, but I do know what I would get if I did.  I’ve been tattoo’d a total of 5 times now, which includes the one I recently got as part of my bucket list.  I knew I would get this tattoo for years now, so it wasn’t much contemplation on my part.  It’s nothing remarkable either.

When I was 20, I had a “Jesus Fish” tattooed on my upper left shoulder.  It’s pretty self explanatory as to why, but funny story- every once in awhile a stranger comments to me, “So you’re a Pisces, huh?”  Which is also true. Yay for double meaning!  Though technically, I always understood the Pisces symbol to be two fish, facing opposite directions….

So, not long after getting this tattoo I saw that some car owners took their display of faith a step further and would put smaller Jesus-fish decals following along behind the bigger fish decal to represent their children.  I liked it, and it’s one of the few trends I didn’t mind following (#29)… So shortly after donating blood, I headed on down to my local tattoo parlor. Now if only I can get to Church on time!




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