#92- Sand Turtle

Sand Sea Turtle HMB State Beach

Finishing Touches

Only a small mountain separates our home from my  most favorite thing on the planet:  The Beach. On most quiet nights we can hear the waves crash. Maybe not so surprising is that most of our beach visits are spontaneous, and consist of walking along the shore collecting shells or exploring caves. Not very often, do we actually have the time, materials or determination to really sit down and sculpt something in the sand.  In fact, I can honestly say most “sand castles” for me have turned out to be big holes and testing to see how much we can dig before a rogue wave comes and fills it back up. I’ve never built a true sculpture.

Sand Castle

She LOVES the beach!

Last summer we checked out the Sand Sculpting Competition in Santa Cruz- it was so much fun!  I felt inspired…. but when to find the time?  On this particular day, it was a Mommy-n-Me date day, just Natalie & I while the newborn stayed home with Blake.

The weather was perfect.  Only a few wispy clouds in the sky.  At first, Natalie wanted to recreate a Mermaid.  I, too, was feeling ambitious but about 5 scoops in with the shovel and bucket  I realized I needed to change the blueprint to something more Natalie-friendly.

The Sea Turtle was way more do- able, and got a lot of compliments from passerby’s.  Natalie thoroughly enjoyed it and thought to add the goggles that had mysteriously found its way into our sand toy bag….

So here is #92- accomplished!

Sand Sculpture Turtle

Our Sand Sea Turtle 🙂

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