#74- As Good As it’s Going to Get

A few weeks ago, I set in on my gingerbread recipe, with every intent of being awesome and creating a phenomenal gingerbread house that not only would delight my daughters but win me a free one night stay at the Ritz from their Annual Gingerbread House Contest.  It was all so perfect in my head!  I KNOW I have a great design that WILL be a winner one day, so I still plan on keeping that part a secret. But, in the meantime…. I will blog about how I failed at #74 (create a elaborate and detailed gingerbread house). At least, failed myself.

It seemed to start out well. I had a great gingerbread recipe, I made several batches and froze the dough, bought tons of candy, so when I started it, I had everything I needed. But, despite shaping everything the way I wanted and having it all glued together perfectly with marshmellow creme (to start), it all soon started to slowly fall apart.  I plugged along, thinking I could save it… but alas…. after consulting some chefs I learned the humidity plus my recipe and frosting was not a match made in gingerbread heaven.

So, then I thought I’d start over, and at least do a basic house. But that wasn’t too successful either.  So ultimately, we settled for a store bought house and Natalie & I had fun going crazy with decorations on THAT.

Round 3

Round 3

Round 2

Round 2








So, here’s to hoping next year’s attempt is a little more successful…

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