#5- See Glass Beach

Once upon a time, many years ago I picked up some glass from a beach trip and brought it home.  A friend saw my small collection and casually suggested I visit the “glass beach” somewhere north of Point Reyes. Glass beach?  “Yeah,” I remember her saying, “there is so much seaglass you don’t even see sand.”  So therein lies my #5- find this beach.

So amazingly true…. I even started digging to see how deep the seaglass goes to (at least several inches).  And here is something I laughed to myself about:

We yelped this place to see exactly where it is and a LOT of the more recent reviews had said it was disappointing because there was no glass left and its such a sad sight to see all the daily tourists coming and picking all the glass away and the place was one big dump and blah blah blah.  I couldn’t help but smirk and shake my head…. yeah we saw the beach they were talking about, but we also know how tides and currents work, and we also know the value behind asking the local friendly state park ranger and viola! We just hopped on down a few more coves south of glass beach and found the entire treasure!  It was breathtaking.  The beach sparkled like glitter! So much seaglass it would take hundreds of tourists with hundreds of buckets to even make a dent in this beach.

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