#46- What Not to Do


By far, the stupidest thing on my list.

This adventure- Pose for a picture with the World’s Largest Totem Pole (#46) – came to be on my list after I started to run out of ideas.  With that being said I have to say…. McKinleyville, you should really be embarrassed of yourselves. Maybe you didn’t ask for this World Record Holder to be a part of your town, but since it’s there you might as well add just a little bit of flare to it.  You know, upsell it…. clean it… post a sign directing tourists to it….. Marketing 101 kind of stuff.

But no. No, this monument doesn’t even deserve a patch of grass or a sitting bench, no historical landmark sign telling of its importance to the local Native Americans. Imagine if you will, someone taking a wood pole and cementing it into the ground next to the dumpster behind a Rite Aid and Vacant Blockbuster store at your neighborhood shopping strip.  I can understand that maybe it’s hooplah ran out a few weeks after it was mounted, but really now…. there was no local community park or library or city hall that this thing couldn’t have been  placed?  I was shocked. And disappointed.  If I were a Native American descendant I think I’d be insulted.

In the end, at least I can say this adventure was really more about seeing parts of Northern California I had never been to, or at least not visited since childhood. We stopped in Redding and admired their city’s beautiful Sun Dial Bridge &  Turtle Bay Museum.  We checked out Humboldt State University, a GORGEOUS little Campus that made me wish I could start all over and live in their on-campus housing.  We drove through Ferndale. We drove through some of the most scenic views of Redwood Forests. We tested out some excellent restaurants and coffee houses.  When we finally came out of the mountains and back onto the Mendocino Coast, I was blown away again by how beautiful the Coastside is and counted my blessings.  Mendocino is breathtaking.

World's Largest Totem Pole, McKinleyville

View from the Top

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