#70- Sauces 101

Chef Eric preps for Sea Bass

Chef Eric preps for Sea Bass

For a long time, I was blissfully unaware of my inability to cook.  I enjoyed cooking, had a wide array of Pampered Chef tools and was frequently asked by roommates and friends for cooking advice.  In my classroom we had weekly baking projects and I was sure I even perfected several ethnic dishes.

Let's Cook! Santa Cruz

All you need is an industrial stovetop and a Sous Chef!

But then I got married and my imperfections and flawed cooking skills were soon picked apart by my picky-palate husband.  At first I was distraught… sometimes depressed.  But, really, instead of wanting a bunch of feel-good “thumbs up”  from family or friends at face value, I wanted to BE better. Blake was right in his critiques.  There was room for improvement and I’ve never been satisfied with giving a mediocre performance.  So I sought out a cooking class (#70).

I guess I could get away with TV shows and reading notes online or in cookbooks, but I don’t think much compares to hands-on live demonstrations with your questions being answered and a professional guiding you through each step.  Which is exactly what Let’s Cook! Santa Cruz is. I first Yelped some places in Half Moon Bay, but there weren’t many options- and the only one that seemed viable was taught by a restaurant owner that got pretty bad reviews over all…. something to consider.  Let’s Cook! Is new as of this year, so when I called to sign up I spoke personally with the Owner and was able to learn a lot about how they operate.  I was impressed to say the least.

Let's Cook! Santa Cruz

Time to eat

I signed up for the Sauces 101 classes, originally slated for early November but bumped to December. The class was full- 9 students, which was perfect in my opinion, for not getting to crowded, still being able to watch and participate and not fight for time to ask questions.

It was 3 hours long, but it was just the right amount of time to have lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands-on practice and maybe the best part- eating our results. We made a Hollandaise, followed by Green Peppercorn, Bouillabaisse Buerre Blanc, and Marsala Sauces over steak, breaded chicken and Sea Bass.  We finished with a dessert sauce- Sabayon over fresh strawberries.  I have no complaints.

Really, what I gained from the entire experience is just a little more confidence in myself, plus a better understanding in how sauces come to be.  And a note to self: Have EVERYTHING fully measured and prepped before you start cooking because Sauces come to be within seconds of throwing everything together.  No time allowed for screwing up!

This Culinary School gets an A+ for me.  I loved it, and I will be back!

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