#81- P.S. WBS!

Dear Friend

Growing up, I loved having pen pals.  I met them everywhere- Church Camps, Summer Vacations, Friend of a Friend of a Friend… sometimes I don’t think I ever even met them, like in one instance when my mom met an exchange student from Poland at her work, and we began writing to the family back in Poland because there was a little girl the same age as me. It was the ultimate text messaging.

I do occasionally write letters back and forth with my exchange sister, Erika, who lives in Japan.  But it’s sporadic at best, with each of us sending one or two letters and gifts back each year.  Sometimes more if there is a natural disaster such as a Tsunami that compels us to get in contact.

As I was making my list, I was recalling all my fond memories of having a pen pal and thought it’d be fun to get Natalie on board now that she loves to write and draw pictures.  And even more so living farther away from friends & family, Natalie often likes to mail things to her grandparents.  So I set out to find us a pen pal.

Write Back Soon

It’s not so easy.  Especially now with texting and internet.  I mean, even now with a pen pal in place that fits the bill, as soon as we got their letter I sent her a text message saying we got it….. ho hummmm.  So, this Bucket list item I have to say is more for our Kids,  Natalie and Caleb/Sarah.

Caleb & Sarah are our friends from my old work place who I always stayed in contact with, and who just recently moved to Virginia… just in time for stormy weather and Holidays!  The great news is, Natalie loves the idea and every time she sets out to do art and writing now,  she intends it to be sent to the Anderson Family.  And Caleb & Sarah’s art now graces our refrigerator as well! I hope we can maintain it for awhile.  At least until Natalie is old enough to start collecting her own pen pals.  Thank you Anderson family for K.I.T. 😉  We will W.B.S. and cross #81 (find a pen pal, keep a pen pal) off our list!

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