#98- My Yearly Fill of Testosterone

My review of these 3 movies I admit is a tad late in the game, considering its been a few decades since their release, and I might be the last adult in America who hadn’t seen them.

Goodfellas, Scarface and the Godfather are undoubtedly some of the most referenced movies of all time.  So much so, that this item ultimately made my list when my friend Alfonso referred to Scarface on my FB wall and I finally threw up my hands in surrender.  What man cannot or does not regularly quote these characters?  As we watched all three movies, it was like one long “ooooohhhhhhh! so THAT’S where the saying comes from…”

Prior to this, I do believe every bachelor pad and college fraternity house I’ve had the pleasure of visiting had the posters and other paraphernalia up as if it were modern day decor. As if, if they display it their manliness increases 3 fold.

So, here is my valuable assessment of all three:


Ray Liotta, Hot. Joe Pesci, Not. Robert DeNiro, So-So.


freaked me out. So not Hot.

The Godfather-

Michael Corleone, Hot. Robert Duvall, Not. Don Vito Corleone, Silver Fox.

I think this may have also been my very first Marlon Brando movie.  I now understand the infatuation.

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